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LBV NK Lightning Chess 2017 Round 4 - Group J

Last update 12.06.2017 09:55:53, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

7Wuijts Johan1039016NED2010Helmond
8Daamen Roland1032801NED1998De Stukkenjagers
5Schoonackers Jeroen1034863NED1915Zukertort Amstelveen
6Van Den Brink Johan1023225NED1862Veenendaalse Sv
4Auwens Michel1022318NED1801Pion Groesbeek
1Van Ravensteijn Antal1060759NED0Pegasus Zwolle
2Baselmans Daan1054392NED1645Tsv Rochade
3Bleeker Kasper1057812NED1456Caïssa Amsterdam