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Keetmanshoop Grand Prix III (Open Section)

Last update 04.07.2017 04:00:54, Creator/Last Upload: namibia chess-federation

Starting rank

1Bloodstaan DirkNAM0Police
2Dausab LynnNAM0
3Eiman RickyNAM0
4Ithana GermanNAM0
5Makena EmilNAM0Police
6Nangolo TitusNAM0
7Noreseb DudleyNAM0
8Plaaitjie MorganNAM0Police
9Sanzila SanzilaNAM0Police
10Tiboth DawidNAM0UNAM
11Tiboth RicardoNAM0
12Tjirimuje FelixNAM0