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Série Ab2 preliminaares2009-2010 GXA-AXL

Last update 31.12.2009 11:01:16, Creator/Last Upload: fpx - federação portuguesa de xadrez

Starting rank

1Santos Alexandre VitalPOR1778Gx Alekhine
2Louro Eugenio DiogoPOR1741Gx Alekhine
3Bento Rudolfo Antonio CamposPOR1732Gx Alekhine
4Rodrigues Luis EugenioPOR1703Carris
5Ribeiro Vasco Domingos VelosoPOR1639Peóes Alverca
6Alexandre Jose Antonio DuartePOR1619Gx Alekhine
7Santos Norberto FernandesPOR1433Gx Alekhine
8Bizarro Luis Miguel LarePOR1649Gx Alekhine