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Campeonato Nacional Absoluto Fase Final

Last update 05.06.2017 00:48:42, Creator/Last Upload: pepecarrillo

Starting rank list of players

6IMBaules Jorge6600247PAN2363
3FMFuentes Adrian6600875PAN2230
10FMLeon Orlando6600913PAN2151
9NMRamos Efren Andres6100538PAN2135
2CMUlloa Ruben Guillermo6601243PAN2114
8CMMathews Cesar6600360PAN2093
5CMDelgado Alex6602150PAN2011
7CMCantilo-Paz Agustin6600794PAN1978
4CMSun Chin Robert Patrick6601294PAN1970
1Arosemena Franklin Alberto6601227PAN1858