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Youth Chess Arena (May 2017) under 8

Last update 26.05.2017 20:55:20, Creator/Last Upload: vinaytz

Starting rank

1Banerjee SresthaTAN1000Indian School
2Chauhan MahiTAN1000Zanaki Chess Academy
3Chopda ArchitTAN1000Indian School
4Das TanishTAN1000Indian School
5Gupta YashneilTAN1000KL
6Khatumbra ZayaanTAN1000Indian School
7Prabhu ShinaTAN1000KL
8Prajapati DevanTAN1000Indian School
9Rai KawleenTAN1000Indian School
10Sai JitendraTAN1000KL
11Singh ShouryaTAN1000Zanaki Chess Academy
12Trichal AkshatTAN1000Indian School
13Vasudev V RTAN1000Indian School