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Patras Chess Festival Open-2

Last update 05.06.2017 11:24:06, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Alexopoulos EmmanouilGRE0
2Aliai ArntitGRE0
3Argyropoulou DespinaGRE0
4Bardakis Theodoros25865617GRE0
5Chrysovitsanos Petros25870963GRE0
6Gialernios GeorgiosGRE0
7Katartzopoulos NikolaosGRE0
8Kondylis IoannisGRE0
9Konstantopoulos KonstantinosGRE0
10Kosonis PavlosGRE0
11Papachristopoulos AndreasGRE0
12Papadopoulos MariosGRE0
13Papanastasopoulos NikolaosGRE0
14Skandamis NikolaosGRE0
15Stergiakis DimitriosGRE0
16Vantarakis ThemisGRE0
17Vasilakis DionysiosGRE0