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Abierto del Rio Hondo Chess Club

Last update 24.05.2017 03:34:44, Creator/Last Upload: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico

Starting rank

1Boggiano Pereira Miguel A.3102750PUR2004
2Melendez Padilla Isabelo3101010PUR1933
3Rios Maldonado Javier3101789PUR1760
4Colon Magobet Richard3106977PUR1664
5Lopez Rivera Jose A.3106837PUR1558
6Ortiz Bigio Antonio L.3105199PUR1198
7Maldonado Polo Mariangely3107299PUR0
8Ortiz Bigio Alberto3105610PUR0
9Rechany IsabelaPUR0
10Rodriguez Salgado Alberto3102327PUR0