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4o Mavilis Junior

Last update 23.06.2017 00:38:04, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Sklavounou Iliana25829238GRE1204
2Moschat Iosif Theodoros25854950GRE1184
3Parisi Theodora25820788GRE1123
4Gioka Martin25820745GRE1041
5Xhuveli Rafael25838130GRE1003
6Agathou IoulitaGRE0
7Gioka Ervin25856197GRE0
8Mavrommati DanaiGRE0
9Mitsiali Marina25819950GRE0
10Mourikis Theofanis Iraklis25877313GRE0
11Salvanos-Louvros AlexandrosGRE0
12Savanis OrestisGRE0
13Sklavounou Kalliopi25839250GRE0
14Spitieris Leonidas25869230GRE0
15Spitieris Spyridon Marios25869221GRE0
16Stoikos Grigorios25869248GRE0