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Kadetsko prvensto SSSP, GRUPA Z-14 i Z-16 Svilajnac, 13.12.2009.

Last update 13.12.2009 19:06:28, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank

1Andjelkovic AnaSRB0Jagodina
2Gligorijevic MarijaSRB0Jagodina
3Jankovic AnaSRB0Jagodina
4Kostic JovanaSRB0Jagodina
5Markovic AndrijanaSRB0Roanda
6Minic AndjelaSRB0Jagodina
7Obrenovic JovanaSRB0Vojska
8Petrovic DaliborkaSRB0Glozane
9Savic MilicaSRB0Paracin
10Simic MarijaSRB0Drenovac
11Todorovic MarijaSRB0Djurinac