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Guillermo Garcia in Memoriam - Premier II 2017

Last update 26.05.2017 01:00:53, Creator/Last Upload: pinkycuba

Starting rank list of players

7IMQuesada Vera Liordis3507009CUB2423
2FMBorges Feria Yasel3504921CUB2418
3FMFernandez de la Vara Mulet Arnaldo Jesus3518388CUB2407
9FMQuesada Perez Luis Ernesto3520773CUB2402
5IMGarcia Carey Osmel3501809CUB2363
1FMGil Alba Hector Luis3504670CUB2343
10IMPazos Gambarrotti Plinio3600068ECU2244
8FMGalvez Dastin Eduardo7300310GUA2224
4Picado Jorge Luis6100376NCA2124
6FMReyes Najera Carlos A.7300069GUA2120