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Clasificatorio Segunda Categoría Touch Costa Rica 2017

Last update 27.06.2017 05:54:18, Creator/Last Upload: oscar angulo

Starting rank

1Aguilar Pina Luis Gerardo6500994CRC1984Desamparados
2Zeledon Perez Edgar6509851CRC1912Ccdr Curridabat
3Rojas Cisneros Kevin6508510CRC1909Ccdr Heredia
4Del Cid Winter Roberto6503004CRC1875San Jose
5Shih Gould Danny6506070CRC1864Ccdr San Jose
6Bejarano Allan6501478CRC1859
7Torrentes Arias Greivin6506003CRC1833
8Solis Prieto Javier6507867CRC1829Ccdr San Ramon
9WCMShih Gould Annie6506062CRC1824Ccdr San Jose
10Thames Montero Jorge6506550CRC1811Desamparados
11Araya Solano Edgar6510930CRC1810
12Rojas Monney AlexCRC1803
13Arce Oviedo Cesar6503942CRC1800Santa Barbara