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Beginners' Tournament 2017-U10

Last update 12.05.2017 07:36:45, Creator/Last Upload: sydney_activekids

Starting rank

1Chan AlcoHKG0RCHK
2Chan Yik Hong JasperHKG0RCHK
3Chung HaydenHKG0QBS
4Fok Keely Prudence Hui LokHKG0SPCCP
5Kong Kai Hay JeremyHKG0Kau Yan
6Pang Curtis AnakinHKG0RCHK
7Sarda SavirHKG0American
8Sarda SavyaHKG0American
9Sin Yan Yu AdelineHKG0Kau Yan
10Summers GeorgeHKG0JIS
11Wang JulianHKG0ICS
12Wong Ching Ho JasonHKG0RCHK
13Wong Tak Yan ShermanHKG0ISF