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HCA - 55th Bhiwani Distt. U-11 (Mixed) Chess Championship 13 - 14 May 2017 [LIVE Webcast @]

Last update 14.05.2017 15:58:39, Creator/Last Upload: haryana chess association

Starting rank

1Aarjoo (HSR), WHCA0
2Ajay (HSR)HCA0
3Akshat Kumar (HSR)HCA0
4Deepika (HSR), WHCA0
5Dipesh (HSR)HCA0
6Harshita (HSR), WHCA0
7Himani Sharma, WHCA0
8Kamal (HSR)HCA0
9Kamaldeep (HSR)HCA0
10Karan (HSR)HCA0
11Kartikey Tiwari (HSR)HCA0
12Khushi (HSR), WHCA0
13Khushi, WHCA0
14Mamta (HSR), WHCA0
15Mohan (HSR)HCA0
17Moksh (HSR)HCA0
18Naveen (HSR)HCA0
19Nikhil (HSR)HCA0
20Parshant (HSR)HCA0
21Pridhi (HSR), WHCA0
22Prince (HSR)HCA0
23Rahul (HSR)HCA0
25Ranjan PariharHCA0
26Rohit (HSR)HCA0
27Sagar (HSR)HCA0
28Saksham (HSR)HCA0
30Sonia (HSR), WHCA0
31Sourabh (HSR)HCA0
32Suryansh (HSR)HCA0
33Tanishka (HSR), WHCA0
34Tarun (HSR)HCA0