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II- Torneo Classic, GRUPO B- CPA 2017

Last update 22.05.2017 01:31:01, Creator/Last Upload: pepecarrillo

Starting rank list of players

7Oquendo Eder4413369PAN1914
1CMSanchez Rogelio6601030PAN1881
5CMPina Rosas Marcos Arturo6602380PAN1863
9WCMGonzalez Yaribeth6600344PAN1782
2Dominguez Angel6600840PAN1751
6Riera Jose Manuel6601006PAN1744
8Herrera Diego6601170PAN1735
3Correa Marco6600298PAN1718
4Cortez Hernan6602029PAN1701
10WCMHau Carolina6603610PAN1518