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Weihnachsblitz Flavia Solva 2009

Last update 08.12.2009 12:08:08, Creator/Last Upload: steirischer landesverband

Starting rank list of players

6Gerhardt JohannAUT1772Flavia Solva
5Sauer ManfredAUT1728Flavia Solva
9Fellner GerhardAUT1682Flavia Solva
2Schweiger MartinAUT1653Flavia Solva
1Konrad JohannAUT1494Flavia Solva
4Pristernik Arnold Mag.AUT1409Flavia Solva
8Maurer GeraldAUT1400Flavia Solva
3Hackl AndreasAUT1200Flavia Solva
7Jakopeh KonradAUT0Flavia Solva