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Last update 14.05.2017 16:46:14, Creator/Last Upload: macovi

Starting rank

1Fernandes Carlos A10100350ANG20901º de Agosto
2Marques Pimentel Manuel Jesus10100989ANG2090Escola de Xadrez de VianaJJ
3Ngunga Carlos10103678ANG2065Nucleo do Prenda
4Gama Edivaldo Jr10101284ANG2052Progresso Sambizanga
5Joao Joaquim Assis10100580ANG2029Nucleo do Colegio Ngudy
6Domingos Edivanio10103163ANG19741º de Agosto
7Cristovao Miguel10102647ANG1963Escola de Mestre JF
8Xavier Antonio10105697ANG1954Independentes do Golfe
9Pompilio Andre10104321ANG1934Nucleo do Colegio Ngudy
10Fernandes Domingos Francisco10100970ANG1909Independentes do Golfe
11Francisco Luis Jr10101497ANG18881º de Agosto
12Pinheiro Antonio10100822ANG1888Nucleo do Rangel
13Domingos Chimbugula10104429ANG1862Progresso Sambizanga
14Do Rosario Jose10102655ANG1861Escola de Xadrez de Viana JJ
15Fernandes Jose10105123ANG1823Independentes do Golfe
16Joelson Ricardo10105964ANG0Macovi Sport Club
17Manuel Vander10103651ANG0Nucleo ISPTEC
18Pacavira Manuel10107665ANG0Nucleo do Colegio Ngudy