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Cupa Mos Nicolae editia a-IV-a, under 14 ani

Last update 08.12.2009 21:31:12, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 17)

Starting rank

1IArdelean Lorela-DanielaROU621Lps Satu Mare
2IILazin Robert-TamasROU609Cs Unio Satu Mare
3IISuteu Gabriel-DalisROU551Lps Satu Mare
4IISmutcu Reimond-AttilaROU540Cs Unio Satu Mare
5IIICretu Dumitru-LucianROU483Cs Unio Satu Mare
6IIISimon Emeric-DavidROU465Cs Unio Satu Mare
7IIIMuchi Dumitru-DanielROU441Cs Vointa Satu Mare
8IIIMoldovan RaresROU434Cs Frasinul Unirea Zalau
9Contra CasianROU401Vama
10Crisan GabrielROU401Vama
11Lobont IonutROU401Vama
12Muresan CasianROU401Vama
13Stoian Adelin-DanROU401Cs Unio Satu Mare
14Turda AlexandraROU401Unio
15Zelea FilipROU401Vama