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Jēkabpils pavasaris 2017, 4.sp.kl. B grupa

Last update 29.04.2017 15:24:57, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank list of players

6IVCauņa AilinsLAT1550ARPC "Zeimuļs"
12IVDilāns ArvisLAT1550Jēkabpils SS
5IVHitro IvansLAT1550Jēkabpils SS
1IVKirilovs VjačeslavsLAT1550Rēzeknes nov. BJSS
3IVKonstantinovs RobertsLAT1550Jēkabpils SS
7IVMūrnieks ArmandsLAT1550ARPC "Zeimuļs"
13IVPeisnieks EduardsLAT1550Jēkabpils SS
4IVPotapenko HaraldsLAT1550Jēkabpils SS
2IVRudzāts ĒriksLAT1550Jēkabpils SS
8IVSkarnelis AleksandrsLAT1550ARPC "Zeimuļs"
9IVTaškāns AdriansLAT1550Rēzeknes nov. BJSS
11Gudrinieks OskarsLAT1450Rēzeknes nov. BJSS
10Samohins DenissLAT1450Rēzeknes nov. BJSS