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Jēkabpils pavasaris 2017, 3.sp.kl., B grupa

Last update 29.04.2017 17:22:47, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank list of players

8IIIFroļenkovs IļjaLAT1650Rēzeknes nov. BJSS
6IIIMacuks TimofejsLAT1650Daugava Chess
5IIIMarkunaitis SandisLAT1650Rēzeknes BJSS
10IIIŅukša RobertsLAT1650Jēkabpils SS
1IIIPinne NaurisLAT1650Jēkabpils SS
3IIIPleškāns DanielsLAT1650Rēzeknes BJSS
2IIIRinkēvičs RalfsLAT1650Jēkabpils SS
4IIIŠestakovs MaksimsLAT1650Rēzekness BJSS
9IIIVinogradovs ArtēmijsLAT1650Rēzeknes BJSS
7IIIZeile DanielsLAT1650Rēzeknes nov. BJSS