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11th Tashkent Open, Agzamov Memorial (Group A)

Last update 10.05.2017 11:58:14, Creator/Last Upload: uzbekistan chess federation

Player overview for BLR

5GMStupak Kirill2560BLR11111½½1½7,52

Results of the last round for BLR

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
9113GMPapin Vasily24336 ½ - ½7 GMStupak Kirill25605

Player details for BLR

GM Stupak Kirill 2560 BLR Rp:2673 Pts. 7,5
152Vladimirov Vladimir2063UZB3,5s 1
230FMAbdisalimov Abdimalik2300UZB6,0w 1
320Saydaliev Saidakbar2380UZB5,0s 1
428Sattarov Bobir2324UZB6,5w 1
510GMKotanjian Tigran2471ARM6,5s 1
66GMKotsur Pavel2552KAZ6,5w ½
74GMBortnyk Olexandr2567UKR7,5s ½
89GMRasulov Vugar2506AZE6,5w 1
913GMPapin Vasily2433RUS6,5s ½