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Giai vo dich co tuong cac dau thu manh toan quoc nam 2009 - Bang nam

Last update 09.12.2009 05:11:47, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong

Starting rank

1Nguyen Tran Do NinhHCM
2Nguyen Thanh BaoHNO
3Diep Khai NguyenHCM
4Tran Quoc VietBDU
5Dao Quoc HungHCM
6Tran Chanh TamHCM
7Trenh A SangHCM
8Truong A MinhHCM
9Vo Minh NhatBPH
10Dao Cao KhoaHNO
11Lai Ly HuynhCMA
12Nguyen Hoang LamHCM
13Nguyen Hoang LamBPH
14Nguyen Anh QuanBCA
15Nguyen Huu HungBPH
16Nguyen Anh HoangBDU
17Vu Huy CuongHNO
18To Thien TuongBDU
19Mong NhiBPH
20Uong Duong BacBRV
21Ngo Ngoc MinhBPH
22Tran Tuan NgocHNO