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East of Scotland Megafinal - Under 10s

Last update 23.04.2017 19:34:10, Creator/Last Upload: ukcc

Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Murdo MclaurinSCO909Nigel Short Chess Society5,519,00,0
22Oliver WhalleySCO879Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll5,020,00,0
34Chelsea LiangSCO735Fettes College Preparatory Sch5,019,00,0
48Jonathan FengSCO569Sciennes Primary School5,018,00,0
510Niall MccullaghSCO488Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll5,017,00,0
63Rocco ChalmersSCO804Flora Stevenson Primary School4,517,00,0
75Karthikeya VundiSCO703Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll4,017,00,0
49Matthew WillderSCO0George Watsons College4,017,00,0
912Aidan DengSCO457Nigel Short Chess Society4,016,00,0
106Jamie FordyceSCO631South Morningside Primary Scho4,015,00,0
18Peter RoddamSCO412Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll4,015,00,0
127Jennifer FengSCO611Sciennes Primary School4,014,50,0
1311Orlaith ShepherdSCO485St Peters Rc Primary School4,014,00,0
13Oliver RuizSCO457Bruntsfield Primary School4,014,00,0
14Cristina KringeSCO444St Peters Rc Primary School4,014,00,0
15Elliot MacraeSCO444James Gillespies Primary Schoo4,014,00,0
1717Marco ScullySCO416South Morningside Primary Scho4,013,00,0
1827Christopher CalwellSCO239St Peters Rc Primary School4,012,00,0
199Tomos HuntSCO553Sciennes School3,514,50,0
2046Lucy RussellSCO0Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll3,510,50,0
2120Brindley Dean FoxSCO385Sciennes Primary School3,013,00,0
2224Nicholas ClarkSCO276South Morningside Primary Scho3,012,00,0
32Daniel EarnshawSCO102Sciennes Primary School3,012,00,0
2416Matthew MaySCO428James Gillespies Primary Schoo3,011,00,0
22Jamie John McadamsSCO311St Peters Rc Primary School3,011,00,0
23Andrew Stewart PalenzuelaSCO307St Peters Rc Primary School3,011,00,0
25Gabriela WysockaSCO255St Georges School For Girls3,011,00,0
2826Maira Lakshmy RatnarajahSCO253St Georges School For Girls3,010,00,0
28Hugo StewartSCO158St Peters Rc Primary School3,010,00,0
50Percy SutherlandSCO0Bruntsfield Primary School3,010,00,0
3153Sandy HumphrySCO0Errol Primary School3,09,00,0
3233Sree Laasya DudduSCO102Bruntsfield Primary School3,08,00,0
3338Blair GourleySCO0Errol Primary School3,06,00,0
3421Aidan HughesSCO331Bonaly Primary School2,510,00,0
3547Mahima GannaboinaSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School2,58,50,0
3630Saskia SkipworthSCO136St Georges School For Girls2,57,00,0
3719Lauren DunbarSCO392Fernhill School2,08,00,0
3848Manolis PatronisSCO0Prestonfield Primary School2,07,50,0
3929Charlie EastwoodSCO148Pentland Primary School2,07,00,0
41Katharine McmurdoSCO0Sciennes Primary School2,07,00,0
52Sam KielySCO0Prestonfield Primary School2,07,00,0
4234Lucie PrimroseSCO101St Georges School For Girls2,06,50,0
4345Louise Ah-HotSCO0Bruntsfield Primary School2,06,00,0
54Sean PerellaSCO0Errol Primary School2,06,00,0
4539Cameron BarrieSCO0Errol Primary School2,05,50,0
4636Arnav ChakrabortySCO0The Nigel Short Chess Society2,05,00,0
42Kieran RossSCO0West Linton Primary School2,05,00,0
44Lewis GowSCO0Errol Primary School2,05,00,0
4937Ausrine FabionavicieneSCO0St Brides Rc Primary School2,03,00,0
5035Antoine ShirleySCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School1,55,50,0
5131Jack HarrisonSCO126James Gillespies Primary Schoo1,05,00,0
43Kira GolubevaSCO0Fettes College Preparatory Sch1,05,00,0
5340Elena HorneSCO0James Gillespie Primary School1,03,00,0
51Richard PayneSCO0Low Port Primary School1,03,00,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)