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Durham County Congress Open 2017

Last update 07.05.2017 21:27:58, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1FMBurnett Andrew2400855SCO223Scotland
2FMStorey Charles H406686ENG216Jesmond
3Moreby James E427756ENG205Jesmond
4FMWall Tim P401641ENG203Forest Hall
5Addison Bret C408107ENG202Hartlepool
6Padilla Cabero Pablo P2212846ESP202Sutton Coldfield
7IMOrr Mark J L2500035IRL196Wandering Dragons
8Prasath Malola TS5017033IND184Hetton Lyons
9Han Yichen1054430NED182Forest Hall
10Izod Chris429716ENG179Jesmond
11Riding Mick D430102ENG179Tynemouth
12Garnett John S410829ENG177The Buffs
13Round R Michael416363ENG176Rose Forgrove
14Jennings Roger W416312ENG175Rose Forgrove
15Bielby Paul R429864ENG172South Shields
16Sainsbury Andrew443816ENG168Chorlton-cum-Hardy
17Skelsey StuartENG166Forest Hall
18Smith CollinENG163Peterlee
19Wiltshir Rich445835ENG150Rushall
20Roebuck Derek3226999AUS148Kings Head
21Volland Ben2405504SCO148Dunfermline
22McGillivray Calum2405407SCO145
23Robinson Brian430056ENG132Bishop Auckland