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2017 Welsh Open Major Championship

Last update 17.04.2017 22:27:33, Creator: kevin,Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Summers Charles1801660WLS1926
2Hughes Anthony1803093WLS1850
3Peymani LeilaWLS1850
4Gibbs Dominic V412090ENG1845
5Harle Bill1800086WLS1817
6Christmas Steve1803360WLS1809
7Wagner Guy417297WLS1809
8Mcgregor John1803514WLS1803
9Burrows Mike1804910WLS1796
10Bridges Paul1801848WLS1776
11Stuart Neil1802577WLS1762
12Buttell David416720WLS1758
13Jukes Sam1803182WLS1734
14Thomas Roy1803190WLS1727
15Williams Stephen1803140WLS1714
16Morgans Justin1804898WLS1710
17Jansen van Rensburg Leon1804782WLS1700
18Jones Huw1804065WLS1690
19White Sam1803417WLS1671
20Qiu Anlan1803867WLS1612
21Hurn Robert Aj1801929WLS1607
22Lutchman Singh Karanvir1802950WLS1605
23Probert Malcolm1802305WLS1592
24Livermore Richard1803450WLS1553
25Bonutto Stephen1804260WLS1474
26Ray Hiya1803980WLS1465
27Cox John1803905WLS1448
28Fraser Susanna1803921WLS1419
29Lutchman Singh Aishwarya1803077WLS1411
30Jaberansari Daniel1804499WLS1405
31O`rourke Kevin1802151WLS1310