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2017 Welsh Minor Championship

Last update 18.04.2017 16:55:16, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Smith AlunWLS1593
2Jones JeremyWLS1576
3Langmaid KevinENG1562
4Peters ChrisWLS1539
5Phillips RogerWLS1510
6Jones Martin KWLS1503
7Hughes BerylWLS1444
8Chong KimberlyWLS1441
9Mason EdWLS1422
10Watkins PeterWLS1390
11McLoughlin MikeWLS1388
12Eddershaw JohnENG1346
13Davies GarethWLS1340
14Hamadah MuhieddinWLS1302
15Williams AllanWLS1269
16Farhadi MohammadWLS1261
17Jones DwainWLS1245
18Rees MorganWLS1234
19Smith EllisonWLS1179
20Smith CallumWLS1082
21Christmas RosieWLS1039
22Cannon DaleWLS1000
23Jaberansari BenjaminWLS855
24Lutchman Singh VedantWLS850
25Shahameeran AshikaWLS850
26Guha AnuraagWLS800