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QCD SG Chess League 2017

Last update 20.10.2017 15:24:46, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
22Fork You85211221,50
35GACC Dream Team85121119,50
48Psalms 2383411017,00
538 Knights in Cairnhill8332919,00
611Progress Pokemonsters8323817,02
74Kent Ridge Noobs8323817,00
812Thoms Formers8323815,50
913Bulldog Chess Brotherhood8323815,50
1010Apek Chess8224613,00
127John 3:168215513,00
136Score Keeper & Friends8134512,00

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints