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Churer Open 2017

Last update 02.01.2018 20:47:03, Creator/Last Upload: fortunat schmid

Starting rank

1Adzic Slobodan723886SUI2103
2Maffioli Massimo1309480SUI2022
3Wyss Peter A.1310267SUI1951
4Michel Andreas1329006SUI1888
5Adzic Anna942740SUI1863
6Schaad Pierluigi1307860SUI1803
7Djuzo VaidSUI1607
8Bersinger Franz1307983SUI1551
9Schmid Fortunat1333542SUI1377
10Schmid Luzius1335367SUI1292
11Clavadetscher GregorSUI1200
12Dipalma Mattia AngeloSUI1200
13Glatzl AndreSUI1200
14Hoertner RolfSUI1200
15Weggler RobertSUI1200
16Osmaev HamzatSUI1462
17Baettig MarcelSUI1200