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2017 U.S. Women's Championship

Last update 10.04.2017 00:27:24, Creator/Last Upload: flguadalupe

Starting rank list of players

8IMZatonskih Anna14101572USA2451
11GMKrush Irina2012782USA2444
7IMPaikidze Nazi13603620USA2369
4WGMAbrahamyan Tatev13301918USA2364
12WGMNemcova Katerina322750USA2359
3WGMFoisor Sabina-Francesca1212915USA2272
9WFMVirkud Apurva2050820USA2262
1WGMSharevich Anna13503189USA2257
10WFMYip Carissa2090732USA2234
5WIMYu Jennifer R2078341USA2196
6WIMNguyen Emily2054000USA2173
2WCMFeng Maggie2078090USA2162
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