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2017 U.S. Championship

Last update 11.04.2017 16:15:14, Creator/Last Upload: FLGUADALUPE

Starting rank list of players

2GMSo Wesley5202213USA2822
12GMCaruana Fabiano2020009USA2817
7GMNakamura Hikaru2016192USA2793
8GMXiong Jeffery2047640USA2674
6GMRobson Ray2023970USA2668
3GMOnischuk Alexander14101025USA2667
1GMShankland Samuel L2004887USA2666
9GMKamsky Gata2000024USA2659
10GMNaroditsky Daniel2026961USA2646
5GMAkobian Varuzhan13300580USA2645
4GMZherebukh Yaroslav14116804USA2605
11GMShabalov Alexander2008572USA2556
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