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Skákþing Norðlendinga 2017

Last update 10.06.2017 15:07:05, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank

1FMJohannesson Ingvar Thor2301490ISL2359
2FMLagerman Robert2300362ISL2311
3Johannsson Orn Leo2303051ISL2230
4Thorgeirsson Jon Kristinn2307731ISL2192
5Jonsson Gauti Pall2309092ISL2075
6Bergsson Stefan2301393ISL1997
7Sigurdarson Tomas Veigar2302977ISL1976
8Baldvinsson Loftur2301261ISL1946
9Eiriksson Sigurdur2302314ISL1926
10Haraldsson Haraldur2311100ISL1920
11Arnljotsson Jon2301059ISL1854
12Halldorsson Hjorleifur2303647ISL1774
13Gunnarsson Helgi Petur2302519ISL1673
14Steingrimsson Karl Egill2304791ISL1663
15Thorsson Pall2304406ISL1635
16Adalsteinsson Hermann2300591ISL1627
17Magnusson Jon2306921ISL1563
18Bjarnason Petur2314720ISL1294
19Gunnarsson Gudmundur2302497ISL0
20Hreinsson Einar Orn2313197ISL0