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Semifinal 3 Nacional Sub-14 Femenino 2017

Last update 26.03.2017 18:46:51, Creator/Last Upload: liga caldense de ajedrez

Starting rank

1Finley Rosero Karol Valentina4464028NAR1593
2Olier Roballo Mishelle Dayana4451252ATL1500
3Rosales Nazate Claudia Sofia4464788NAR1488
4Perez Valcarcel Maria Jose4417178CAQ1404
5Fitzgerald Daniela4427475VAL1388
6Orozco Fernandez Eliana Andre4459911VAL1166
7Leal Dayana Vanessa4471750CAU1500
8Torres Mapura Natali4438221VAL1451Santa Ana De Los Caballeros
9Arevalo Forero Gina Vanessa4470192CUN1382Club Choconta
10Cabrera Masmela Tatiana4474201TOL0
11Huertas Rodriguez Brighitte4474210COL0
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