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Semifinal 3 Nacional Sub-10 Femenino 2017

Last update 27.03.2017 17:43:13, Creator/Last Upload: liga caldense de ajedrez

Starting rank

1Valencia Lopez Greissy Sofia4449304CAQ1122
2Posada Realpe Isabel Sofia4457501VAL1538
3Acosta Mariana4460820VAL1496
4Murillo Becerra Gabriela4469704VAL1374
5Contreras Chacon Laura Fernanda4460294CUN1369
6Rodriguez Lucy Angelina4474171CUN1366
7Galindez Tania Isabela4460839HUI1317
8Alvear Gomez Angela Sofia4467167QUI1312
9Soto Ramirez Luna Sofia4466233QUI1275
10Martinez Neri Sofia4454502VAL1230
11Herrera Cortez Maria Fernanda4466497TOL1184
12Nieto Paez Victoria4474155TOL0
13Rodriguez Gonzalez Raquel Sofia4474163TOL0
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