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President's Invitational 2017

Last update 10.04.2017 15:46:48, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank list of players

1NMSMITH Shreyas7400713JAM2151
3NMTHOMAS Peter7400608JAM1996
4CMWISDOM Daren7400438JAM1968
8NMBROOKS Paul7400616JAM1958
6WILKINSON Ian7400101JAM1919
10DIEDRICK Michael7400969JAM1857
5CHIN Eton7400241JAM1842
7HALL Odane7400993JAM1742
2DOUGLAS Markland7400977JAM1736
11WCMSMITH Melisha7400691JAM1698
12BOWEN Mark7400934JAM1687
9MCKOY Troy7401949JAM1588