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National Junior Ch. (Fem) 2017

Last update 26.03.2017 21:48:45, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank

1WCMCLARKE Adani7402082JAM1604
2GARDNER Sheanel7401760JAM1584
3DONALDSON Akelia7401701JAM1539
4KIDD Aulanni7402155JAM1483
5BLACKWOOD Ashanti7402996JAM1449
6CURWIN Nickaylah7402627JAM1351
7BLAKE Johmoi7402228JAM1141
8BROWN Raehanna7402740JAM0
9HENRY Tian7403020JAM0
10PORTER Rochelle7402163JAM0
11YANKANA Alliyah7402406JAM0