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National Junior U20 Chess Championship 2017 Boys Under 20

Last update 20.03.2017 10:02:48, Creator/Last Upload: jomchess

Starting rank

1CMNg Jen Sheng5708478MAS1965KUL
2Yee Jian Yang5709873MAS1875SGR
3Chew Wen Da5717426MAS1692KUL
4Cheong Jie Yao5711398MAS1644SGR
5Chan Sheng Liang Bernard5712858MAS1619SWK
6Shee Jia Wee5717710MAS1566JHR
7Tan Kah Shing Gavin5721148MAS1505PRK
8Ng Guo Hao5717795MAS1373JHR
9Rahim Harith Najmi5730260MAS1343KUL
10Sulaiman Bin Abd HalimMAS0SGR