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1/16 Israeli Championship, Kiryat Ono - G4

Last update 26.05.2017 15:17:42, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank list of players

10Zimrin Danielle2828537ISR1537
2Hadad Levy Maor2822989ISR1530
4Korshenbaum Lior2834464ISR1497
8Sauni Rotem2828979ISR1485
6Eyal Asaf2827786ISR1449
7Gurevich Tom2836319ISR1415
3Kalk May2828545ISR1400
9Levian Omer2833530ISR1400
5Vintrob Yehonatan2834790ISR1400
1Gold Daniel2828448ISR1369