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23rd all Oromia sport festival9women)

Last update 13.03.2017 18:37:33, Creator/Last Upload: dejen

Starting rank

1Akinahom SintayehuETH0
2Aleka FujakaETH0
3Aynalem MamoETH0
4Banchaayehu LisaneworkETH0
5Bleen SintayehuETH0
6Dinar SherifETH0
7Kalkidan ShiwaregaETH0
8Meron GebreegziabherETH0
9Nejat AbdelaETH0
10Selemawit DereseETH0
11Selemawit DereseETH0
12Sewalem WondmenehETH0
13Tigist DemsieETH0
14Tizita AlemuETH0
15Wongel AberaETH0
16Wubrst BekeleETH0
17Yeabsra ZerihunETH0
18Tsion TafeseETH0