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NK dames 2017

Last update 16.04.2017 00:59:13, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank list of players

9WFMDos Ramos Rosangela8200521SUR1761
7WCMKaslan Catherine8201390SUR1761
6WCMAdhin Anviti8201200SUR1672
3WCMFrijde Reyna8200335SUR1571
4WFMTjong Tjin Joe Kaithlyn8201293SUR1564
1WCMRomalho Gelique8201080SUR1488
5Kaslan Alexandra8201340SUR1457
8WCMKaslan Victoria8202230SUR1378
2Raghoebier Xamira8201412SUR1337