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Junioru kauss 3.sp.kl. 11-12.03.2017

Last update 12.03.2017 16:30:41, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1Bilinkins Iļja IIILAT0Da.Matisone
2Derbenevs Arsenijs IIILAT0Derbeneva
3Dimšakovs Artjoms IIILAT0A.Raudive
4Fedotovs Artemijs IIILAT0Da.Matisone
5Freibergs Filips IIILAT0L.Borisovs
6Golikova Arina IIILAT0Da.Matisone
7Lebedeva Amelija IIILAT0D.Matisone
8Lebedevs Deniss IIILAT0Da.Matisone
9Meļnikovs Gļebs IIILAT0Da.Matisone
10Mogilins Nikita IIILAT0Da.Matisone
11Poganovs Jegors IIILAT0S.Galkins
12Prudnikovs Stefans IIILAT0L.Borisovs
13Smirnovs Artemijs IIILAT0Da.Matisone
14Tsvek Aleksejs IIILAT0Da.Matisone
15Vaisfelds Iļja IIILAT0D.Matisone
16Žuravljovs Rodions IIILAT0S.Galkins
17Lācis Niks IIILAT0Galkins