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Khartoum First Ladies Championship

Last update 15.03.2017 18:26:17, Creator/Last Upload: maher musa

Starting rank

1WCMIbtihal Mohammed12201529SUD1468
2Najwa Mohamed Ahmed12201464SUD1441
3Tayseer Mohammed12201480SUD1415
4Marwa Jadalla12201545SUD1297
5Zienab Mustafa Mansour12201413SUD1210
6Al Khansaa Badraldeen12201502SUD0
7Azza AbdelbagiSUD0
8Elizabeth Amile Nagib Tanyous12201448SUD0
9Fatima AbdallaSUD0
10Fatima Mustafa Munsour12202754SUD0
11Hajer AbdElmonemSUD0
12Hind Abdalla Hag Omer12202746SUD0
13Nawal MohamedSUD0
14Rawan Gamal EltahirSUD0
15Roba 0sama MukharSUD0
16Shaima Badreldin12201472SUD0
17Walaa Khalid Ibrahim12201405SUD0
18Fatima Badr OmerSUD0
19Isra Shams Eldien12201510SUD0
20Nazik MohamedSUD0