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2017 PSS Capablanca IM Norm

Last update 02.05.2017 10:21:59, Creator: south african chess fed. (licence 1),Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 45)

Starting rank list of players

2GMAmonatov Farrukh014700077TJK263226320
8GMGrover Sahaj1950114665021103IND247324732516
9GMSriram Jha05001668IND239623960
7IMMakoto Rodwell18701995911000120ZIM239123912337
3IMJere Daniel1860140798700249ZAM238623862394
4FMBarrish Daniel10000144614304600RSA225222522166
6Masango Spencer18202118714300753ZIM223222322063
1FMKlaasen Calvin Jong18701573714300133RSA222422242188
10Hercules Benjamin Vincent19101237614301938RSA216321632157
5Mosetlhe Kgaugelo18502512514301610RSA216221622184
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