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Circuito de Verano Fasgba Torneo Prof.Jorge Morales sub 2000 1° Nesich JP 2° Volpe Leonel 3°Quarta Alejandro

Last update 25.03.2017 04:22:00, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1Chan Daniel142050ARG1864INDEPENDIENTE
2Prieu Gustavo117803ARG1837MONTE GRANDE
3Nesich Juan Pablo134325ARG1832JUEGOCIENCIA
4Scagliarini Mauro132080ARG1825C.A.C.S.MARTIN
5Alonso Floreal167363ARG1818BANFIELD
6Paz Martin118184ARG1815AJEDREZ RACING
7Pennini Mario Fabian153699ARG1790TEMPERLEY
8Alves Fernandes Sebastian151556ARG1750MONTE GRANDE
9Quarta Alejandro124885ARG1738MONTE GRANDE
10Romano Guillermo111473ARG1737C.A.C.S.MARTIN
11Mazza Guillermo110639ARG1731BANFIELD
12Perrini Miguel163716ARG1724SIRE
13Salvi Jose Alberto158704ARG1717DEF.DE BANFIELD
14Gawel Alfredo Juan104795ARG1693MONTE GRANDE
15Volpe Leonel122491ARG1693TEMPERLEY
16Pereira Hector142476ARG1599MONTE GRANDE
17Salinas Dario157252ARG1574C.A.C.S.MARTIN
18Paz Fernando167380ARG1573AJEDREZ RACING
20Linardelli JavierARG0MAIAKOVSKI
21Riverol WilliamARG0SIRE
22Ruiz Mario167789ARG0DEF. DE BANFIELD
23Sanchez ErnestoARG0SIRE