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Alkomes club 2017

Last update 06.03.2017 21:02:14, Creator: iran chess federation,Last Upload: elhajnizar

Starting rank list of players

6Alkut, Haitham Mohamed9208771LBA1978Alkhums
1Albosht, Aimen9202129LBA1928Alkhums
3Alborki, Mohamed A.9206353LBA1833Alkhums
2Naser Eldean,Ahmed9205365LBA1831Alkhums
4Engaitah, Abdalsalam A.9209204LBA1740Alkhums
9Abdulrahman, Emhemed9210776LBA0Alkhums
7Algaed, Mohammed9210784LBA0Alkhums
5Algaied, Basher I9205993LBA0Alkhums
10Alkout, M Hamza9210792LBA0Alkhums
8Almuetasim Billa, Jummah9210806LBA0Alkhums