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2017 Welsh Under 11 Championship

Last update 05.03.2017 21:15:50, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Smith EllisonWLS1179
2Matthews RhysWLS1147
3Anjos JoanaWLS1116
4Chung DanielWLS1075
5Szakmany BenceWLS1062
6Bragg ZacharyWLS998
7Wynn JacobWLS981
8Britton FraserWLS919
9Sapsford OliverWLS862
10Davies MiloWLS850
11Griffiths SteffanWLS850
12Roberts WilliamWLS850
13Wilkins KristianWLS850
14Lee KrishnaWLS761
15Maguire EdWLS813
16Wu YuxuanWLS810