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Этап Кубка России среди девушек до 15 лет (2003-2004)

Last update 11.03.2017 13:09:08, Creator/Last Upload: makhnev vladimir (russia, kimry)

Starting rank list of players

6Voskresenskaya Marta34127795RUS1910
2Shestakova Ekaterina34166383RUS1854
1Badtrutdinova Darya34142964RUS1575
4Makarova Anastasiya54102731RUS1562
8Moiseeva Polina34166324RUS1425
9Shchetinina Ekaterina34183709RUS1390
10Shvetsova Anastasya54110319RUS1363
7Petrova Ekaterina24252450RUS1104
3Getmanova Liya24252425RUS1037
5Bautina Nadezhda54150280RUS1000