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Pretoria Chess Club Championships 2017 - C Division

Last update 08.06.2017 09:26:29, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Starting rank list of players

5Nel CarelRSA1445Pretoria Chess Club
6Hansen LarsRSA1422Pretoria Chess Club
4Nomandla VuoyRSA1400Pretoria Chess Club
9van Tonder RolandRSA1400Pretoria Chess Club
3Byrch MathhewRSA1392Pretoria Chess Club
2vd Heever DerickRSA1380Pretoria Chess Club
10Hansen AlfieRSA1340Pretoria Chess Club
1van Zyl FredRSA1318Pretoria Chess Club
7van Wyk JustusRSA1314Pretoria Chess Club
8Reyneke MariskaRSA1286Pretoria Chess Club