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Pretoria Chess Club Championships 2017 - B Divsion

Last update 15.06.2017 08:28:50, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Starting rank list of players

5Moolman FrancoisRSA1664Pretoria Chess Club
2Slabbert WimRSA1655Pretoria Chess Club
9Wohlfahrt DanielRSA1615Pretoria Chess Club
12van der Schyff Pieter HendrikRSA1580Pretoria Chess Club
6Wohlfahrt OscarRSA1556Pretoria Chess Club
8Jacobs LeonRSA1553Pretoria Chess Club
3Iwanik JackRSA1552Pretoria Chess Club
4van Ginkel AdolfRSA1552Pretoria Chess Club
1Coulson TraversRSA1525Pretoria Chess Club
7Du Plessis ArmandRSA1500Pretoria Chess Club
10Gelderblom DanielRSA1497Pretoria Chess Club
11Terblance JuanRSA1461Pretoria Chess Club