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Pretoria Chess Club Championships 2017 - A Division

Last update 08.06.2017 09:23:04, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Starting rank list of players

4Mare EbenRSA1950Pretoria Chess Club
2Pretorius WiaanRSA1919Pretoria Chess Club
6Stevanovic NedjoRSA1914Pretoria Chess Club
7Senekal FredRSA1899Pretoria Chess Club
9Heyns AnthonRSA1810Pretoria Chess Club
1van der Walt PierreRSA1799Pretoria Chess Club
5Marais CharlRSA1755Pretoria Chess Club
3Duiker IthumelengRSA1717Pretoria Chess Club
8Swart RiaanRSA1716Pretoria Chess Club