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69th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2017 - A Div Boys

Last update 22.03.2017 08:29:13, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Ahnt Htoo MyatNUHWestNUS High
2Ang Ee XienNUHWestNUS High
3Babu RisheNJCSoutNational JC
4Chandrasekaran AkashNUHWestNUS High
5Chin Yu Xun MaximusNUHWestNUS High
6Chow Kit Meng Jordan MaxSACSoutSt Andrew's JC
7Chua Je En JohnACISoutACS Independent
8Daksh DaveUWDIntlUWCSEA Dover
9Gnoh Cheng YiNUHWestNUS High
10Gulpinar Ahmet BorahanOFSIntlOverseas Family Sch
11Hwang Yu Jie LucasNUHWestNUS High
12Khaarthik Kumar AmuddhuNUHWestNUS High
13Koh Jun HaoNJCSoutNational JC
14Lau Jun JieNUHWestNUS High
15Lau RudolphSPOS'pore Polytechnic
16Lee DarrenNUHWestNUS High
17Lee Jian JetYTSNortYishun Town Sec
18Lee Shi HaoACISoutACS Independent
19Lim BenjaminACISoutACS Independent
20Lim De Li DerekACISoutACS Independent
21Lim Jing Xiang BryanRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
22Low Yi Wei JonathanACISoutACS Independent
23Ow Jun WaiACISoutACS Independent
24Phi NguyenUWDIntlUWCSEA Dover
25Sieu Yong JeffNUHWestNUS High
26Srinivas VenkatramanUWDIntlUWCSEA Dover
27Tan Tze Lin TommyNPONanyang Polytechnic
28Teng Wei TiongRJCSoutRaffles Institution (JC)
29Teo Por Loong JacobNUHWestNUS High
30Tin JingyaoHJCWestHwa Chong (JC)
31Venugopal HariharanIJCNortInnova JC
32Yeo Han Justin AbelACISoutACS Independent
33Zhang JingzhengNUHWestNUS High
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