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69th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2017 - B Div Boys

Last update 22.03.2017 08:50:44, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Ai XinTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
2Alagappan RamanathanVTSEastVictoria Sch
3An RuyiBNSEastBedok North Sec
4Ang Tze Hai JustinRVSNortRiverside Sec
5Ashvin SivakumarRISSoutRaffles Institution
6Audi PrasantoNUHWestNUS High
7Chan JeromeHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
8Cheah Kai ShengRISSoutRaffles Institution
9Chen Yu BryanNUHWestNUS High
10Cheng Jun YuanACISoutACS Independent
11Chew Ern MitchellRISSoutRaffles Institution
12Chua Wei Jun AlderickTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
13Chua Yong Jun KevenMSHNortMaris Stella High
14Chua Zhi Xiang ElsonVTSEastVictoria Sch
15Dheeraj BalodiACISoutACS Independent
16Dhruv GoswamiUWDIntlUWCSEA Dover
17Foo Shi HongHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
18Gan Kah KhengRISSoutRaffles Institution
19Gangesh KumarNUHWestNUS High
20Goh EthanACISoutACS Independent
21Goh Jinghan CameronRISSoutRaffles Institution
22Gurdit Eknath Hiralal ManeYTSNortYishun Town Sec
23Hee Wei YangNCHNortNan Chiau High
24Heng Zheng KaiHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
25Hoon Jing Heng DillonHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
26Isvaran MahendranACISoutACS Independent
27Kam Sheng JieYTSNortYishun Town Sec
28Kamaraj ThirukumaranACISoutACS Independent
29Kamban ElangovanNUHWestNUS High
30Kannan AnnamalaiNUHWestNUS High
31Khew Yu Cheng ShaunVTSEastVictoria Sch
32Khor Eng YeowRISSoutRaffles Institution
33Koh Ming Yao GavinSJISoutSt Joseph's Institution
34Kong Dak NamHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
35Kow Wen Han JonathanACISoutACS Independent
36Kwan Hao RonACISoutACS Independent
37Lau Ende MatthewACISoutACS Independent
38Lee Jun WeiACISoutACS Independent
39Lee Qing AunVTSEastVictoria Sch
40Lew Zhi HongACISoutACS Independent
41Li HaoranNASEastNgee Ann Sec
42Li Zhi QiNHHWestNan Hua High
43Lim Chong Hwei JustinNASEastNgee Ann Sec
44Lim Ryan RyutaroTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
45Lim Zhi JieYTSNortYishun Town Sec
46Low Zhen Yu CyrusRISSoutRaffles Institution
47Luo Chenyu RoyHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
48Mark Pieter BrandstatierUWDIntlUWCSEA Dover
49Miao Yi LinEDSNortEdgefield Sec
50Ngew Jun XiongNASEastNgee Ann Sec
51Ong Wayne SeanBNSEastBedok North Sec
52Ow Yong IanACISoutACS Independent
53Pang Dingkang SamuelNASEastNgee Ann Sec
54Poh Kiat Lin GeraintACISoutACS Independent
55Quek Seng Joo ClarenceACISoutACS Independent
56Ram CapoorUWDIntlUWCSEA Dover
57Ravikumar S/O ThanabaluACISoutACS Independent
58Rishi GaneshACISoutACS Independent
59Selvakumar Karthik AdharshYTSNortYishun Town Sec
60Soh Ing Kee LawrenceACISoutACS Independent
61Soh Woon Hao KennethNASEastNgee Ann Sec
62Tan Aik YoungTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
63Tan Heng Ren NathanielNASEastNgee Ann Sec
64Tan Jing Kai BryceHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
65Tan Jun HaoHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
66Tan Sek Huai PhilipHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
67Tan Shin Wei KevinNASEastNgee Ann Sec
68Tan Xiang YuYTSNortYishun Town Sec
69Tan Zhi Ren BradleyVTSEastVictoria Sch
70Tan Zi Yi ZephanACISoutACS Independent
71Tay Yi An MalvinNASEastNgee Ann Sec
72Tay Zi Yan EliottACISoutACS Independent
73Teh Tian Li NigelTKSEastTanjong Katong Sec
74Tejas SadasivamNPSIntlNPS Int'l
75Ung Wew MarvellNUHWestNUS High
76Wee Jun Xin KylanNASEastNgee Ann Sec
77Wong Chien Rong KevinACISoutACS Independent
78Woon Jun Hao BenedictMSHNortMaris Stella High
79Woon Sheng Kai NicholasMSHNortMaris Stella High
80Woong Zhi Wei WilliamACISoutACS Independent
81Yam Ian MichaelRISSoutRaffles Institution
82Yap Shen GregoryACISoutACS Independent
83Yap Tze EeACISoutACS Independent
84Yeo Cong Kai NigelYTSNortYishun Town Sec
85Yeo Ley EthanACISoutACS Independent
86Yeo Ruizhi CarwynHCIWestHwa Chong Inst
87Yu ZhengwenRISSoutRaffles Institution
88Zhao TongzhouNUHWestNUS High
89Saw IssacVTSEastVictoria Sch
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